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cpuMemory 2048MB
cpuCores 13.20Ghz
cpuSSD Space 250GB
cpuTraffic Limit 10,000GB
cpuUplink Speed 10,00Mbps
cpuIP Address 5 IPv6

Additional Features

Choice of Location

$9 .95

At Fliphost, we believe If a job is worth doing, it's worth doing well.

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KVM Virtualization

Industry leading true virtualization technology

VirtIO Drivers

Optimized storage and network drivers for the best performance

SolusVM Control Panel

Reboots, console access, and OS reinstallations at any time, fully automated


Our servers come with automatic installers for the most common Linux distributions, so you can get started quickly.


Need a remote desktop or otherwise need Windows? No problem, just choose a suitable package.

Everything Else

If there's an ISO, there's a way! Our platform allows for the installation of almost any operating system.

Intel Xeon Processors

We only use the latest Intel Xeon (server class) processors. Fliphost does not condone the use of desktop hardware in servers.

DDR3 Memory

Often overlooked, the importance of high-class memory is paramount for optimum server speeds.

Pure SSD Storage

Last but definitely not least, the latest solid state drives provide mind-blowing disk IO, ideal for database applications.

Two Great Networks

One of the great things with Fliphost is that you get a choice of networks. If you know where your visitors are based, select the right network to get optimum performance.


Choose Dallas if you need great connectivity throughout the US.

Los Angeles

Choose LA if you need great connectivity to the US, Australia and Asia.

No First Line Techs

If you have a support query, we promise you it won't be passed around between newcomers.

No Outsourcing

Our support is based in-house, allowing us to control the quality of the support you receive.

Just Experts

We have a small team of experts, each with several years of experience in their field. Our experts are at your disposal.

Rolling Monthly Contract

We don't believe in locking you in to a contract to retain your business. Instead, we pride ourselves in what we do and work hard to earn your business every month.

Choice of Payment Methods

We currently accept payment by Paypal and credit/debit cards via Paypal CC processing.

Cancel Any Time

If, unfortunately, you decide we're not for you, you can cancel at any time and take your data elsewhere.

Server Management

Don't have the time to worry about the technical aspects of your server? No problem. Choose a semi-managed service and we'll take the weight off your shoulders.

cPanel License

Add a cPanel license to any server for just $15 extra per month

Fliphost's Virtual Private Servers

Fliphost's virtual private server service is a combination of enterprise hardware, rock solid network, and a support team that goes the extra mile for you. Our platform is purely built on solid state drives (SSDs) to eliminate the most common IO bottleneck and reveal the best performance for busy forums, e-commerce websites, and database intensive applications.